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  1. What's new in this club
  2. What's going on with your Ragenam? Hit me up on ts so we can get on it, Camley has it too
  3. This is def a weird transition period. Not sure how I feel about it all. Funny thing is I've been thinking about hardline when it just came out. ... miss that shit. Wish that came out over BF1.
  4. Aside from PUBGs, still some people playing Minecraft, Overwatch, WoW of course. Skulls still plays BF4, just not on our servers. Some ARK, some factorio. We're pretty spread out on different games lol. We've decided that we will be letting our BF4 servers expire next month as no one here wants to continue the daily chores of trying to get them going, not to mention lack of financial support or more than a small handful of member interest. Sooooooo we are definitely looking at what games are out there, and what games are coming that we want to dive into so we can continue to grow our community.
  5. So who's playing what games this days? I tried Player Unknown but it's too slow for me (need that constant action rush) and trying to figure out Vietnam 2 has been frustrating so I've pretty much just been playing BF4, maybe BF1 every now and then.
  6. Hi guys I have picked this top for my thesis recently and I need some people to answer this form for my thesis . It wont take long maybe 10 minutes . If you play games and you like it please answer this form in the following address. Thank you *https://goo.gl/forms/bjSoDotRMCUxIX432 Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  7. My bad, misread email, open beta is now over lol.
  8. Yeah open beta is now up until release on the 30th
  9. You were mistakenly marked as seeding, it should be resolved.
  10. I apologize if this is already been answered. I was playing on the 32 players conquest server. I've been randomly team balanced twice. Once when I was running towards a flag. The other time was well when I was on a roof trying to snipe someone. It just killed me and switched me to the other team. How can we fix this? It's unplayable in my opinion.
  11. Who's turn was it to watch him? Sent from my SM-G955U using ATR Gamers mobile app
  12. This is what happens when you leave @skulls alone in a server...
  13. Just picked up that game. Playing the Beta is fun, will be interesting to see the GA release.
  14. Seems ok for the moment. Last night at about this time the service provider informed us of a DDoS against our server, so may have been another attempt. But will monitor the situation.
  15. I suppose this is better than starting a new thread, but there has been a lot of hard server lag as of late, which makes playing very difficult. Not sure if it's the server package, the host, or something else, but it is a problem.
  16. Most of you know by now that me and a few others have been working on a new BF4DB. Today is launch day and we are live! Still a few things to work out but feel free to check it out and report any hackers. http://bf4db.com
  17. I hopped on Saturday when there were 9 players on with seeders included. Not an hour later the 32 Conquest was full. We can absolutely make it happen with at least one server. Friday night as well. I was on last night with a full server. ATR still can thrive on BF4. Please, please do not shut all of our servers down.
  18. I haven't played the beta, but I still play the older game, and for only $22 who cares. Steam had it listed for May 30th, but now it says Q3, but sometime soon
  19. Been 3 years since I'd last heard about that game, it still planning a release?
  20. Will look up the game. Have you had the chance to play the beta?
  21. Just kill the servers, admins don't want to be on for it more than what's mandatory on BF nights and seemingly don't want to do their jobs unless it effects their personal game play at the time. What few regulars are left aren't going to stick around to try and pop a server for 3 hours with seeders when everyone else is in other games and even 2 nights a week isn't worth doing. Just keep playing what ever other games you're in, if people are up to trying to party up for bf4 or 1 then they can do it themselves in TS on random servers like they have been. If you aren't familiar with it, look up Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, coming out at the end of the month, that's what I'll be heading too and it's still only about $22 on Steam
  22. na it's a nutria rat, native in LA. Probably the best tasting small game besides rabbit.

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