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Grand Theft Auto Online
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  2. On Thursday I won't be home until 8:30 central at the earliest, otherwise I have Tuesday and Wednesday off, work Friday through Monday.
  3. You are damn right I am willing to help out. I'll even make sure to be sober or drunk, which ever you prefer.
  4. There's new a new heist available but I cannot do it alone. I need a team of 3 highly skilled ( or just best available) people to be willing to meet up at a time and date and commit to getting it done. Time and dates will be decided based upon what works best for whole group of willing participants. I know @Smerffy said he was down. So 2 more nerds are needed.
  5. I am really hoping we start playing this again. I get on sometimes, but with out people to play with, its just not as fun!!!
  6. Title kinda says it all. I have been missing some GTA lately. There is so much new stuff and I'd actually like to play again. Plus, with my job I have come into a little extra cash and since is all I do is play games, might as well spend a little on something I can enjoy. @Varibash @Mastric @Lyntha
  7. Just glad @Infertil isn't in these...that's one ugly character he has
  8. until

    I've got to take more screenshots for our nights. Or edit some sorta highlight reel.
  9. I watch a lot of the Yogscast and Hat Films on YT. They make me laugh. Here is the latest Gun running video from Hat Films and the complete and utter incompitence of their ability to play games, and it makes me laugh a lot!! Best part is around 2:20 mark, but the whole thing is funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8Fcb5dwneA
  10. until

    Busy on Mondays lately, find the @Lyntha he knows how to playlist.
  11. until

    This seems to be losing steam already. it makes me sad because i was actually having lots of fun. WHERE IS EVERYONE???
  12. until
    4 Players Heists and Guns 8 Players Coke and Biker Gang 16 Players Various Custom Maps 30 Players Various Other Custom Maps
  13. I let mazrin know we are playing GTA again, not sure if/when he can make it, but he knows. Been trying to find konstay, but he hasn't been online in the past week, so I'm not sure what happened But I do know that Tonight and tomorrow night will be my last days that I can play till the weekend when I am in Phoenix. So I am hoping something happens tonight and tomorrow so I am not bored out of my damn mind again
  14. 16/30 player Playlist is ready, if there is a big party. Under 8 can be club work, 4 can be gun work.
  15. Dawn Raid Looks interesting. Should try this out this weekend (as I wont have a computer for almost a week starting next week)
  16. The custom races and shooters vs stunters also get us money. Made 100k on our last playlist on tuseday.
  17. regardless of what day we decide to do GTA day. and depending on how many people we get, we get have 2-4 clubs running and getting people money. There are some very interesting vehicles out there that would make for some very fun game play. It does kinda suck that its limited to 6 or 8 people per club, but if it didn't have a limit it would make some very crazy things to happen.
  18. I'm game for whenever I have free time. This week is kinda perfect as i'm not working and just waiting to move. however, once i get moved, I need to find work and i am hoping that doesn't cut off my game time, however, making money to pay bills is a little more important than playing games it would seem So we shall see what happens.
  19. Someone shoulda poked me. I'm looking for excuses to not work in evenings, but keep finding reasons to work instead.
  20. i wasnt on im back to the 7pm to 3 am sched at work.
  21. Lets see if i can remember who was on last night. @OONicc @Kushems @SugahFree @Nerita @Mythosaur @Kaym @Smerffy @Xerodegreez @UnskilledRecruit @Varibash And while we can only do missions with 2, 4 or 8 people. If we have more we can play custom game mods like races, stunts, etc. So i'll include some old bodies. @Lyntha @Iammoot @kansir @Chuck_Mawhinn3y @Imcute

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