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We have a lot of members that work in the IT Field. Code Monkies, DBAs, Network Admins, Security, Developers of all kinds. Share your experiences, ask for help, be the nerd that you are here.
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  2. So I feel ignorant, apparently I formatted the usb and don’t remember doing it. I got to work this morning and figured out that the media creation tool wasn’t on the usb drive is why I was receiving the error. Reinstalling Windows now hopefully the issue will be fixed. Sent from my iPad using ATR Gamers
  3. I'd say that sounds like a bad USB, but it's also possible your BIOS may not support booting to a Win10 USB. Any chance you can use the burn a DVD option?
  4. It just pulls up a black screen that says “BOOTMGR is missing” Sent from my iPhone using ATR Gamers
  5. It’s only a few years old, the problem is I have a usb with Windows media creation tool on it and it tells me there is no boot manager. So I thought well maybe I took it off, but I took it to my work computer which is also Windows 10 and plugged it in which there it shows the usb to be correct Sent from my iPad using ATR Gamers
  6. The Windows 10 Media Creation tool should make a bootable Win10 USB. How old a rig we talkin here?
  7. I have the "preparing automatic repair" screen when my computer boots up, i have searched online to try and find a fix and everything that I have found doesn't work. I have created a media creation tool on a flash drive to be able to reset my pc however when I pull up the boot menu and click on the flash drive it tells me that the boot menu isn't there.. so any and all help would be amazing.
  8. Have you tried a new power supply? Mine was randomly rebooting and shutting off last year. Bought a new power supply and have not had a repeat since then. Hopefully you can find the problem soon.
  9. I was getting 6* when my CPU was malfunctioning, ended up getting an RMA with Intel no questions asked. It's not likely, but do you have another processor you could test in that motherboard :\
  10. the q-code is 79, which is csm initialization, at least this time. other times this has happened the code has been 69 and what i guess to be 6d. this model of board also has four led lights for each step of post. some times it will flash cpu, then dram and restart. then it flashes cpu, dram, vga and restarts. the hardest part of getting the code it the board just keeps restarting. if it posts or not. last night while trying new things. it would post come up on bios, then restart 10-20 seconds later. i did update bios to the newest verison about two weeks ago, it did nothing.
  11. Your motherboard has 2x 7 segment displays in the upper right, see if you can grab the numbers on those the next time this happens. BIOS update might be useful since you're on the X99 paltform.
  12. Over the last few months, my pc will shut off randomly. No bsod, no logs crash files nothing to say what's going on. Most of the time after a shut off the computer will fail to boot.multiple times. Not even post to bios. After a day or more and trying diffent things. I will get the computer to boot. Which will keep computer running for a week maybe two before same thing happens. Have ran memtest86 which passed. Have replaced the psu. Samething is still happening. happen to be looking at Temps one time when comp shut off. All were normal. Cpu 35c motherboard was around 28c graphics card around 60c. Have disconected all external devices. Tried to boot but still a no go. Not sure what to try next. Any suggestions would be helpful. Specs: I7-5930k (running sock) 32gb corsair ram (4x 8gb) Rog exteme v Evga gtx 980 Evga 750w psu (less than two weeks old) Before that 1000w evga psu I am running a h100-I Don't know if this matters but thought I would add them in 850 pro sSD Some cheap 1tb ssd
  13. I dialed and got a message from verizon that I don't have international dialing on my plan...
  14. Better call 0118 999 881 999 119 725 3 Also, dial that on any Android phone for some some additional fun.
  15. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  16. I feel like now I need to binge on this show, has been a while.
  17. LOL, I was bored and trolling through the forums, didn't notice the date
  18. Heh, blind posted on a year old topic, but kept it 2016 with old model numbers and putting a 'My' on documents Other then that
  19. For SSDs stick with the Intel or a Samsung 840 or greater. I have a 240GB Samsung 850 and I have both BF4 and BF1 (with all of the add ons) installed and everything works just fine. I have a 2 tb secondary HDD which I use for file storage. You can remap your 'My Documents' folder to use the HDD instead of your SSD, this will save you tons of space if you have any photos or video on your machine. I have been running my SSD for 3 years without a single issue and it is now in my second pc since I got the drive.
  20. right but if im actually trying to play games with any sort of good quality i feel like my main monitor would need its own graphics card
  21. Nvidia models above 500 can run 4 displays.

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