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Blocks! Blocks! Blocks! Come and join the squares who play this simple yet creative game. We play several mods and are always up for playing a new one.
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  2. Continuum is an expert pack if you're not aware. I think we could disable SF3 for now and load ATM3 back and update it to the latest release. What say you @Mastric?
  3. i was looking at continuum just loaded it but hvnt started a single player to see what it is like.
  4. What are the chances of one of the servers going back to ATM 3? Its been updated a lot actually recently, Ender IO is on there as well as the NEW Thaumcraft. Been playing solo, but miss playing with other people.
  5. honestly forgot to check the societies, lol, I checked the discord, and this forum
  6. Real made a pinned topic, and that reminded me. The info is on the home page for the Minecraft society
  7. mc1.atrcraft.com = FTB Revelations v1.1.0 mc2.atrcraft.com = Skyfactory 3 v3.0.15 mc3.atrcraft.com = Vanilla Creative
  8. We currently have 3 servers in this order of mods used: mc1.atrcraft.com = FTB Revelations v1.1.0 mc2.atrcraft.com = Skyfactory 3 v3.0.15 mc3.atrcraft.com = Vanilla (not sure the version) (Thank you @The_Real_1hit) If something doesn't work let me know and i'll follow up
  9. I haven't played for a very long time, but the Mods i have installed worked on the LAN party version (maze). They are on the Twitch Client
  10. so has the leadership in ATR just given up trying to be helpful anymore? I asked a simple question and haven't received and answer to it yet. I would hope the people that help run the servers would at least be able to provide me with information.....
  11. can we get a pinned topic on this forum that is kept up to date with the current server address and mod packs required for our servers please. I am looking everywhere but have no idea what mod packs and server address our minecraft server is on. @Mastric
  12. It's actually Skyfactory 3 and Revelations...which no one is on, except me playing SF3 here and there when I have time
  13. I noticed this server is still up. is anyone actually playing on it anymore? and if so, has it been updated? (Ender IO is in it now).
  14. I don't think the game added much extra to die to :\
  15. ill be in, dont have a base or anything yet, looking for a ggod spot.
  16. I loaded into the game and kept dying to literally everything. :C This mod is too OP for me
  17. So I have the Tier 7 energy core online and charging. That's over 2 trillion RF. If you don't want to worry about energy production and just want a steady supply of 20k-30k/tick or more you can plug in with RF Tools power cells. I can craft them or you can bring them to me. You need two. one to place on my xnet power network, then one for at your base. This gives you the full bandwidth of that Powercell link. Let me know. If you are generating some power, and would like to also contribute to the network while using it, I can provide a powercell for you to add power. @Smerffy @Mythosaur @The_Real_1hit @skulls @Chuck_Mawhinn3y @Mastric @Nerita @Gromn
  18. So I got my Tier 1 Void Miner put together, it has power, it has a straight line to bedrock and the Light beam is active. Why is nothing being mined? At this point I am just completely confused and there seems to be almost no online help, can't even find a wiki on this mod, which is sad really. I am tired of spending 30 min to an hour mining ore. That is not the fun part of this game, so getting this stupid thing up and running would be nice.
  19. Interesting, I may need to check this out...as long as I can pull myself away from the Dinos
  20. A FTB Horizons III server has been spun up to replace the SkyFactor 3 server. You can join the server be installing the FTB Horizons III mod pack from the Twitch Client and connecting to 'mc2.atrcraft.com'. @The_Real_1hit is mod contact for this server. Let me know if you have any issues with the server.

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