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  1. So, I was offered a trial with Stacked,will be back if it doesn't work out or BFA. Foods in the fridge (or guild bank). Love -mom- joking aside, this has been a difficult choice to make. we all know how great ATR is how we're close and like a family i'll still be around if things work out. i'll still have alts and what not in the guild, still be running m+'s with people and be on TS then. and a decent chunk of you have my realID or are on FB so. I love like 5 of you, and like a good chunk of the rest. Good luck with stuff. oh if you want my RealID its Jesseh#11935
  2. week 2 of not having people because people are busy feels bad man
  3. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxPdH3tv8zuGDBBKCEwruGQ please attempt to watch the fights
  4. incase it wasnt clear the elements will guide me this xpac who turns down doomhammer?
  5. well @Lyntha, i'm no healer so i take what she says as a healer and my personal experiences, as well as people in the community or forums to form an opinion, it seems a lot of people are confused about how to run it and theres a lot of posts asking for WA strings for it, but i also hear that you need the artifact to really make good use of the spec, and as close as we are i realise were not in legion yet... so as much as i cringe at the thought of having a disc priest currently in my party i'll keep in mind its not legion.. but currently in pre patch they feel weak
  6. i tend to share her opinion on this, though most of it was through timewalking i feel like its over all weaker then most other healers. it feels rather noticeable when there's one in the group, it might be because people don't understand how to use it or if its over all weaker, but i find it noticeable
  7. summa mentioned that atonement wasnt very good right now at least when we were doing timewalking stuff
  8. blizzard is trying to ballance everything right now though i wouldnt judge whats doing the most dps as something to play until it hits live, and as much as you carry us some days i think you should put your enjoyment ahead of that, and we can try to pick up some of the slack.
  9. have you played super dumb down bm? and MM feels clunky with marked shot, and i like survival but it just kinda takes the less interesting parts of other classes like lacerate or harpoon.
  10. i wasnt planning on playing rogue again, i thought i said that. since it was mentions specifically i'll see how i like sham as ele and enh for the next few weeks.
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