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  1. I agree with bash. I was all for it until 'mandatory' days. We don't even have mandatory days for our main raiders, and starting a raid that's got even stricter rules (and a different time zone) just doesn't seem like a good idea. A second group welcoming alts? Sure. A second serious raid group? You'd need recruitment for your specific times and that would be better in a new guild.
  2. Wow hundreds of copies downloaded and the only person to leave a review is a kid who said it sucked because Moot had a fish in his inventory. I think I'm going to cry. T_T
  3. So for those who haven't heard, I was writing a new kids' book and had placeholder names for the main characters, Moot and Ward. Well, after finishing it they kind of grew on me - and my kids loved them, so I figured why not, I'll keep them. Today is the launch and it's currently FREE until Sunday for Kindle so I figured I'd throw the link out there for those who want to check it out! https://www.amazon.com/Case-Lost-Ocelot-Unofficial-Minecraft-ebook/dp/B01N5O5SXY/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=
  4. Husband's company rented out a theater to see Rogue One so I won't be at raid.
  5. Winners have been announced and notified! Thanks all who participated!
  6. I will be, Moot =p I also wanted to say for those who are having trouble submitting through the form, the max size is 5mb and it has to be an image. If it's still not working, feel free to email it to me at annaskopp@gmail.com One day left to submit! Need moar screenshots!!!
  7. So, I’ve been looking for good quality Minecraft picture books for my 5 year old, but it seems that all that’s out there is for 7+. So I said screw it, and made some. If I was looking for some, others are too, right? Steve Saves the Day is FREE, so if you have a device that supports the Kindle app, please check it out and leave a review. It would be really appreciated and will up my rank on Amazon so that people looking for it would see it too. I figured if anyone was interested in Minecraft, it would be you guys. And I know you love to help out your fellow gamers...right? RIGHT?
  8. Won't be on until 830 because my son has a birthday to go to 6-8.
  9. So my tooth crown broke in the middle of dinner tonight and I have an emergency appointment at 6pm tomorrow, but I should be on by raid time. If not I won't be more than 10-15min late. Great timing, I know. BUT I AM SO EXITE.
  10. I think it's very obvious when people in the raid are discontent, at least to me since people are quite vocal through TS and raid chat and just get blown off. Putting up a vote on order of killing farm bosses is silly. But going to a completely different raid? Skipping farm gear for progression? Then the raid needs to be involved. Sometimes, when just one or two pople speak up and get immediately shut down, it doesn't mean the problem is fixed. It means that the other people who agree won't see the point in speaking up. Taking a vote when there is a disagreement between the officer's plan
  11. I really liked that last week the raid was asked what we wanted to do and went with the majority, even if it was too late. We need to do that more often instead of just being told why what we're doing is best for the raid. Let the raid decide what's best. That way, everyone feels like they mattered, even if their answer wasn't the majority.
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