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  1. Hey all. My sister is in town this week so I will be unable to attend the raids. Please try to push heroics if possible. Otherwise we can start it up again next week. -Rug
  2. Internet is down in my house. Working on getting it back. Be there asap
  3. until
    Raptors Raiding
  4. Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks for the opportunity. Opening Statement: I’d like to start by saying that as a more family-oriented guild there is definitely a more relaxed approach to raiding. We are not going to be pushing Mythics aggressively and we really do not require the sort of micromanagement/statistics tracking that that would normally entail. That being said, I would like to get us into Mythic level raiding eventually and I will outline what I feel is the best approach to do so under these conditions. I understand that instituting a bunch of new rules/conditions may seem harsh at first but I promise it is not as bad as it sounds. We already do most of these. As your raid leader, I will do my best to facilitate a fun and effective environment so we can defeat all current content and get the fancy loot. Please review the following expectations/guidelines for the raid. Any questions/comments/concerns are more than welcome. Raid Expectations/Guidelines: Timeliness – It is important that we use our time effectively. We raid 2 nights a week and those nights have got to be utilized to the maximum. We do not want to waste anyone’s time. -Raid will start promptly at 7:30pm EST regardless of attendance (at least until we push a 20-man Mythic team). -Raid will continue regardless of any one individual’s quest completion. Please use the scheduled break to wrap up any quests. -Ensure when break is complete, you are in a READY TO PULL status. This means food, flask, and present for the Return from Break ready check. If you need a summon, petition for one BEFORE the break ends. If not available, please arrive by any means necessary. Readiness – It is every raid member’s responsibility to understand the fights of the raid we are doing. In addition, it is also considerate to other raid member’s to be as prepared as possible. -Watch boss strategy videos. I prefer YouTube channel Line of Sight Gaming as it is quick and concise. For heroic raiding, this is more than sufficient. Mythic will require more of course. -Have flasks/food/consumables ready BEFORE the raid in addition to any enchants/gems. If you do upgrade gear mid-raid, please wait until the scheduled break to apply enchants/gems. -Utilize DBM/BigWigs. The timers are so critical to our success and this information should not need to be called out. The most effective way to follow along with the addon is to increase the bar size and the notification text size. Performance – It is one thing to say we want more difficult content. It is an entirely different matter when you show you want more difficult content. Show me you want Mythic and that’s when we will get there. -I expect individual raid members to constantly push themselves to be the best they can at their job. Some examples of this include: Tanks will need to understand how to effectively utilize cooldowns/abilities based on incoming damage. Healers will need to learn how to manage cooldowns to effectively heal the raid and work together so that multiple cooldowns aren’t wasted. DPS will need to work on their rotation and apply any utility when necessary. Everyone should learn fight mechanics and strategy, including positioning, phase changes, DPS/lust cooldown usage. -Everyone should be trying to assist other raid members in this regard. Examples: Assist people through their optimal DPS rotations as well as gearing up stat priority. Healers should be communicating about spell utilization, Tanks should be discussing optimal positioning, etc. Any individual improvement makes the raid better, just like a new piece of gear. Behavior – We need a like-minded group that is respectful and courteous to each other. We must also be willing to communicate our differences. -Please refrain from personal attacks on other raid members. Any grievance should be reported privately to myself if raid related or officers if it is personal. No egregious/aggressive behavior will be tolerated. -Channels will remain open for socializing during trash pulls unless otherwise indicated. After ready check for boss, please keep channels clear for fight specific communications. -Please keep all criticism for raid strategy constructive. I’m more than willing to hear out any alternative strategies/methods. New Raid Team!: In order to implement these new expectations/guidelines, I would like to start up a raid team. This will allow us to better facilitate an effective raid environment and delegate responsibilities. If you are interested in one of the positions, please reply to this post or contact me via message (forum or in game). -Raid Assist – Works with me in the overall execution of the raid, including raid calls, strategy decisions, time management, loot distribution. Essentially this is already being done by Mastric. I’m assuming a director will cover this one. Healer Lead – Facilitates healer assignments and healer specific strategy. Assist healers with rotations/performance/gearing strategy. Relays information to me regarding healer effectiveness and performance. DPS Lead(s) – Assist with any specific DPS requirements for raid encounters. Assists DPS with rotations/performance/gearing strategy. Relays information regarding DPS effectiveness and performance. If you made it this far, excellent! Thank you again for reading this. I have some additional ideas I would like to eventually implement but that will be discussed at a later time. I hope everyone is on board and we can get back to some kickass raiding! -Rugburn/Papabehr/Pooh Bear
  5. It was definitely a last minute post. For that I apologize. Did not expect to be absent but I did not want to leave you guys hanging.
  6. Can't make it today. Personal family stuff to take care of.
  7. I like this strat. video is under 3 minutes. please review and let me know any suggestions or additions.
  8. hey guys, Rugburn here. I have a major project thats due this evening that is taking longer than expected. I will try to finish ASAP, but most likely will be late for raid tonite
  9. Hey, Rug here...me and Aweburn should be available, once my wednesday class ends it will be alot easier to deal with. combined we have 600 alch/inscription/ench/tailor/engi/BS/JC/mining/herbs/cooking/fishing/arch/first aid....will soon have LW and skinning too. for the mains, rugburn is BS/JC and aweburn is enchant/tailor....all other profs on alts. we try to be self sufficient lol, if you need anything from us dont hesitate to ask...alot of guilds have their set people for crafting, but i pretty much have everything, just browse on our 1 thousands alts hehe. Always willing to tank heroics for gear.
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