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  1. Playing a warlock main this expansion. Character name is Derision. I'd like to raid if you have space.
  2. It has been fun playing with ATR so far this expansion, but for Nighthold I'd like to play with a group that is going to push a little more. I'm rejoining my old guild, Rage. Thanks everyone and see you around. Justicemaker
  3. I think we should have attempted mythic Nythendra last night even if our raid comp wasnt perfect and we were likely to wipe a lot. We blazed through all of the farm content in less than a full raid night, but decided to not even attempt progression? I feel like the decision may have been motivated by individuals who preferred to spend that time in kara rather than wiping in mythic EN. But we had 20 there and ready to go, and we have so few raid hours a week. We should have at least given it an hour of attempts. As our new tank, Pinky will only learn that fight by doing it. Disappointing.
  4. Bye Qwar, it was great to get Keystone Conqueror achieve with you. Good luck!
  5. Ftfk, thanks for leading this despite having to wake up in the middle of the night to catch a flight. I appreciate your efforts to keep things fair with raid spots and loot rolls. All three kills were a bit of a letdown for me since they were so easy compared to how they were before. Breezing through bosses while making tons of mistakes on the mechanics makes it feel like lfr.
  6. Raiding has felt like more of an obligation than a fun activity for a while now. I am going to take a break from it to be fresh for WOD. I may still be on, but don't count on me for raids. Good luck, guys.
  7. I moved on the weekend. Cable guy was scheduled to come this morning, but did not show. Doubtful that I'll get another appointment in time for this week's raid. I'll be there if possible.
  8. Will be late, or possibly absent completely from raid tonight. Good luck.
  9. I think the 'core raider' system is unnecessary and the cons outway the pros. Obviously decisions have to be made on who will be in the raid for each fight which is a balancing act between giving everyone an opportunity to play and making sure we down bosses and progress. But I really don't care that I'm labelled a 'core raider', and would prefer not to have the title given that there are others who feel lesser for not having it. As for the casual/hardcore thing, I'm happy with what we do. We get a good amount done in the small time we have, In the past I have been in a 25 hour/week server first guild and there lots of players in our group who are just as good as the ones from that guild. Thanks to the officers for all of their efforts in running raids, doing dkp, dealing with nonsense, etc. I appreciate it!
  10. Won't be here next week. Going to Turks and Caicos!
  11. I'm not so good at moderation, so I'm going to have to stop playing WOW for a while to get some other things done. Good luck to you guys, hopefully Rebel returns soon to fill out the ret lineup.
  12. Late for raid, may miss completely. GL guys!
  13. I am prepped for dps, will be about ilvl 470 for Tues. But I see (heal) also beside my name. I'm not prepared for healing right now.
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