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  1. No interrupting my MC addiction this month. =D
  2. So I have the Tier 7 energy core online and charging. That's over 2 trillion RF. If you don't want to worry about energy production and just want a steady supply of 20k-30k/tick or more you can plug in with RF Tools power cells. I can craft them or you can bring them to me. You need two. one to place on my xnet power network, then one for at your base. This gives you the full bandwidth of that Powercell link. Let me know. If you are generating some power, and would like to also contribute to the network while using it, I can provide a powercell for you to add power. @Sm
  3. I was expecting a clip or something... As usual, make a vid! =D
  4. HappyUnholy


    Awesome and congrats!
  5. Player making violent threats!  See screen captures.  He went on and on all round.  Your team should make sure he is no longer allowed on your server.  I am also reporting him to the EA.


    BF4 server: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/pc/898fa2b9-444c-4c73-848b-68a3fac54aa0/ATRGamers-com-CONQUEST-48P-BF4DB/


    Player: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/AbagOFdixs/




    1. HappyUnholy


      It's an official server, we have no method to remove players. Also, our BF servers are shutting down in about a week anyway.

    2. MissileChicago


      It's an official server that you have no control over?  LOL.  Wow.

  6. Someone shoulda poked me. I'm looking for excuses to not work in evenings, but keep finding reasons to work instead.
  7. I dialed and got a message from verizon that I don't have international dialing on my plan...
  8. I'd advise against it at this time. We're already a bit fragmented, and we're not going to just hard switch to a different voip app. So dragging half the community to discord to maybe get more pubg people in seems like a bad idea for the community as a whole.
  9. I feel like now I need to binge on this show, has been a while.
  10. Appreciate the input so far. Definitely hoping some more people throw in their feedback!
  11. Battlefield Players, We've decided to discontinue our Battlefield 4 servers at this time. As a result of a decline in interest in the Battlefield series as a whole (Thanks to a crappy BF1 release by EA), lack of member interest in BF4, lack of Admin interest in BF4 and lack of financial support for BF4, we just no longer see the point in dumping money into those servers. We are very proud of what we accomplished with BF4. On May 13th, 2015 we brought up our first servers after uRock said they were shutting down and essentially kicked us out. We were told that the commun
  12. Aside from PUBGs, still some people playing Minecraft, Overwatch, WoW of course. Skulls still plays BF4, just not on our servers. Some ARK, some factorio. We're pretty spread out on different games lol. We've decided that we will be letting our BF4 servers expire next month as no one here wants to continue the daily chores of trying to get them going, not to mention lack of financial support or more than a small handful of member interest. Sooooooo we are definitely looking at what games are out there, and what games are coming that we want to dive into so we can continue to grow o
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