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  1. Bigtimz coming at you from Canada. But I may be unable to attend tonight's raid or I will be late at the least. I have some family issues aka one of my 5 sisters is having some stuff and I'm going to her house to help her deal with some shit and see what I can do as a big brother to help her out. Not sure how long it is going to take but in case I'm late or unable to attend tonight I would like you all to know. Well I hope tonight's raid goes great and you kill some bosses <3
  2. Hope things have gotten better for you since this post <3
  3. Well hopefully things get better for you there bud. But we miss you
  4. Thank you for letting us know. Hopefully work is going smooth for you.
  5. Are you raiding with us now ?
  6. Is she cute and single? But have a good time with the other family
  7. I might not be able to make the raid tonight family emergency. If I am able too I will be late. Sorry. Bigtimz
  8. sweet one more Im not sure what day we would do this maybe on the weekend. Hopefully a few more people get interested in this
  9. Yeah I got them in the group so far there are like 4-7 of us right now.
  10. I will for sure. Do you know anyone else in the guild who would be interested in this. Im going to have to get some of the other players who are interested to post on here so everyone else can see that there are a few of us who would not mind doing this. But thank you and I will keep in touch.
  11. Thanks for stopping over here. Anyways lol bg's I find are a great way to farm when you got the right mix. So I'm looking to see if there are any other players who enjoy BG's or just want to get some AP and gold who want to get a group going so we can get them Win's and the rewards <3
  12. Hey there everyone Curious as we are all farming AP and getting along with the game. Would any of you like to get a group going for some Rated Battle Grounds? There is some good Ap in there not to mention rewards from the honor farm as well. Plus we will be helping out by getting the guild some more gold. Thanks Bigtimz
  13. Hey by chance do we run a server that runs no mods ?
  14. hmmm ranged eh.Well I got my boomkin. Mage Spriest or shammy I could use then
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