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  1. I Keep the same role (Ret - Paly)... You have my Latin Friends to choose Mort.
  2. Sorry for not post Yesterday, I forgot the holiday difference between us, yesterday was Mother's Day here and we went to dinner with family... Sorry for the troubles...
  3. Hello, Neoblack here, I go tomorrow to Orlando/Florida in a semi Family Vacations to the Disney/Universal/etc Parks and probably I Gonna do THE BIG QUESTION on the Firework show in Magic Kingdom... Wish me Luck I coming to Raid normally in the next week... Don't give Mastric my Loot plz
  4. Hi Guys, I can't Raid today... I stuck in work already... We gonna stay here for a couple hours because we are fixing a server replication problem... Sorry for the Troubles... See you Tomorrow...
  5. Sorry Guys, I have to take my Girlfriend to College... She have a Test and I have to wait until she finish... I gonna be connected if all go well by 8 or 8:30...
  6. I'm interested in Mythic 15+, what days do you plan to do? My iLevel is 917 ... I can not do it after the raid because I have to take my sister-in-law to the bus terminal ...
  7. My trinket dont come yesterday... all the other loots can wait hahahaha... and my tiers you can have it for today... I wish you all can kill all the other bosses today...
  8. Hi, i cant Raid tonight... I am in work already and i be here at least four or five hours, I be online ingame but cant raid because all the time i have to do others stuff, sorry for the troubles... My microsoft support kill my Skype for Business implementation and we have to do all from scratch...
  9. I be late for RAID because today is my mother birthday party... Sorry for the problems...
  10. Hello guys, I am in a family event... I think I going to be late... one hour late to raid... Sorry for the troubles...
  11. I want to be in Raid roster to if you still have room for ret pally? My ilevel is 835 right now, I post in Raid Team recruitment twice... Name: Neøblack
  12. I have decent DPS for ilevel 835 but the most destacable thing about ret pally is his survival ability in this expansion.
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