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  1. We've been progressing but failing to post kill shots, so here is some new ones! Onward to Eternal Palace kills!
  2. after speaking with the other leadership about this, we've decided that if you intend to pursue this, we are going to ask you to do it in your own guild. We've tried having multiple raid teams in the past and it has always caused more drama and problems then it was worth. It's nothing personal, just would be a better choice if you had your own guild for this.
  3. to be honest, it sounds like it might be a better idea to form your own guild for something like this, especially considering you want to use a different time zone and you want it completely independent of the ATR main raid.... that way you can have your own WoWprogress and recruitment pages....
  4. missedd your whisper, but we were talking about a weekend alt run or something running on sundays in the future. So it's something we've already been discussing
  5. guuuuuuuurrrrrllll, you know you're always welcome whenever.
  6. we don't have a main tank spot open, but your welcome to dps and be our primary back-up tank incase one of the main tanks can't show up or has to quit the team.
  7. honestly forgot to check the societies, lol, I checked the discord, and this forum
  8. so has the leadership in ATR just given up trying to be helpful anymore? I asked a simple question and haven't received and answer to it yet. I would hope the people that help run the servers would at least be able to provide me with information.....
  9. can we get a pinned topic on this forum that is kept up to date with the current server address and mod packs required for our servers please. I am looking everywhere but have no idea what mod packs and server address our minecraft server is on. @Mastric
  10. http://www.wowhead.com/news=284793/mage-tower-challenge-always-up-right-before-legion-ends?webhook/mage-tower-challenge-always-up-right-before-legion-ends Via a blue post, sometime in the near future before the launch of BFA, the mage tower will have 100% up time so you can complete your artifact appearances on your characters. Remember that the Mage tower base appearance will no longer be obtainable once BFA prepatch hits, get them done while you still can. If you unlock the base appearance, you can unlock the color variations later after BFA launch.
  11. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20762186535 help me out by bumping this thread at least once a day
  12. Smerffy forgot to mention how the massage is don't in his local china town and includes happy endings, because they help his back too.
  13. There's new a new heist available but I cannot do it alone. I need a team of 3 highly skilled ( or just best available) people to be willing to meet up at a time and date and commit to getting it done. Time and dates will be decided based upon what works best for whole group of willing participants. I know @Smerffy said he was down. So 2 more nerds are needed.
  14. (x) I don't care what we do, I'm here for the team
  15. 1- I honestly don't even have damage meters open anymore. Bosses are dieing at a reasonable pace = I'm happy. You could try working with the other mages who are beating you, for starters, if your low damage is bothering you that much. Normal shit talk between friends/guildmates happens, so far I haven't noticed anything malicious. Yes, I myself am guilty of being harsh sometimes, but I back off poking fun at people if they are getting noticeably upset. 2- There is 180 degrees of difference between having a hardcore mentality to raiding, and getting frustrated to wiping to bosses you've already killed before. I think you are conflating the latter with the former. Sometimes the messing around gets out of hand and the officers/RL has to stop it during attempts if it's interfering with killing the boss. From what I've witnessed, I really think your are reading everything wrong. Nobody is telling people to focus during trash packs / trash bosses. It's always been clamped down on after a wipe to a farm boss or on a boss that is still difficult. 3- No one is pushing to being anything more then casual. Again, I really think YOU are the one reading more into what's happening then what happening. You may be projecting your own insecurities with your #1 reason onto the rest of the team. I haven't heard ANYONE comment about sitting low dps yet this teir. Maybe if we decide as a guild to try a few mythics, but we'll cross that bridge if we come to it.
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    From the album: Varibash Pictures

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    From the album: Varibash Pictures

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    I can live without the icons if it makes recruitment easier
  20. fucking amazing cinematic. doesn't give any clue as to what the PVE content will be though
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