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  1. What are the chances of one of the servers going back to ATM 3? Its been updated a lot actually recently, Ender IO is on there as well as the NEW Thaumcraft. Been playing solo, but miss playing with other people.
  2. My time has come. i am leaving ATR on my mage for the rest of Legion and will be maining my druid in another guild for BfA. For the most part I have zero issue with the people in ATR, there are just a couple of people that I can't raid with anymore, I just can't. So I have already pulled the mage out and I will be raiding with Stacked. Now before wild accusations start flying, they are not trying to recruit out of ATR, I went to them. Like I said, I still like most of you in ATR, and i'll still be around. The atmosphere of this group is great, outside of raid and I would really enjoy to still play games outside of WoW with most of you. The plan is to only really remove the Mage and Druid and leave the rest in ATR.
  3. Ok, so update time. I am still at my "new" job and i still very much enjoy it. Now, I've been at it for about a month now and I am getting a promotion, kinda. I applied for a Corporate position and I got that position. So I am moving into the Inventory office here in the next couple weeks. Once that happens i will have Tuesday and Wednesdays off, So I will once again be able to raid, now that the xpac is wrapping up.lol
  4. I noticed this server is still up. is anyone actually playing on it anymore? and if so, has it been updated? (Ender IO is in it now).
  5. They changed it again. I am actually just getting fed up with all these damn changes. I am the only person who doesn't have set days off. For this week, I now have Monday and Thursday off. Wednesday i'll still be only a little late for whatever we are doing, but I will just straight miss Tuesday again
  6. and because my job seems to hate me. it looks like next week i'll have tuesday off again and on wednesday i'll just be like an hour late. its super annoying
  7. So a little change on this. My days off have now changed to Wednesday and Thursday. So I will be missing Tuesday nights and i'll be around on Wednesday. Just a heads up.
  8. Ok, so i got a new job and its a good job and i like this job, however, I have to work Wednesdays for the foreseeable future. So I wont be online for Wednesday raid nights possibly for the next 1-2 months. Just a heads up.
  9. Bash, I'm not even fully sure what you said....
  10. Yes Mort, I used what the rest of the world uses for the date. and the Massage helps my back, since its all fucked up. I get a 1 hour massage every other week. i just forgot about time change, since where I am, we don't change our clocks.
  11. I will be late on this day. I scheduled my Massage a little later than I had thought. So i'll be late, shouldn't be to late, but late. (less than an hour)
  12. You are damn right I am willing to help out. I'll even make sure to be sober or drunk, which ever you prefer.
  13. I am really hoping we start playing this again. I get on sometimes, but with out people to play with, its just not as fun!!!
  14. So it's coming to that time where I am going to need a new Keyboard. Mine is just dying, faster than I wanted it to, but it happens. I've been using the Steelseries Zmerc board now for the past 10 years or so and its going to be hard to get used to a different one, but steelseries doesn't make the Zmerc anymore :(. Anyone have any suggestions? I am not spending $200 on a keyboard btw, so leave those suggestions at the door. Thanks in advance.
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