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  1. the old man #2 is gonna come back someone has to keep old man #1 goose inline
  2. Im looking at starting a 10 man run for normals and heroics . message me or or Juniorpio if you have any questions .Looking for a tank and 3 heals and prolly a few dps also. BTW if your part of the other raid grp and you want to bring an alt the answer will be no. raid days will be gone over once i have a solid grp setup
  3. I have to work late I wont be here for raid
  4. I wont be here for raid on tue,and wed but if you need me ill have my phone on me .Ill be im the middle painting before the party to get this shit out of my house
  5. your on crack I always call you bash cause im lazy as fuck to say vari in front of it
  6. ill be a little busy Tuesday wont be able to make raid
  7. I wont be at raid today or wednesday but ill be late tomm
  8. Sry guys between holidays and room and wed i have to pickup my tux for new years i wont be back till then
  9. I haven't kicked anyone unless I know for sure they either have quit playing completely and been away for over a month or they are just a pain in the ass .You can stay as long as you like just log on once and awhile ill move you to non raider status
  10. one I don't mind you switching but were not here to gear your druid so I expect that toon be geared chanted and so forth I don't want to see any blues on that character unless its a trinket if it comes down to the raid not able to down a boss due to low gear or its progression till your toon is geared would be requested if you have any problems with these issues let me know in game or here thx gump
  11. I totally knew what he meant cya on wed. glitter
  12. rgr ill be here I can run it tonight unless nicks around
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