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  1. There is no set second tank right now. The goal was and is to evaluate between the two of you, it seems now that neither of you actually want to tank. which raises another issue all together. You both showed interest around the same time, and the thought was surely one of you would work out and be able to tank. There has been a lot of confusion the past few weeks and for good reason, things have been heavily shook up, consistent people have gone inconsistent, long time players have left and several people have switched toons or specs, or have heavily implied interest in one of thos
  2. Most likely will not be on tonight due to illness. I will try and be there, but just a heads up.
  3. Rl always come first, mental/physical health above the rest. Take your time, get you stuff done, and we will be here when you are ready to subject yourself to this crazy shitshow again
  4. Let us know when you want to raid!
  5. That MC/TO was dope, bring him back.
  6. I will be at raid on Star Wars night, No Excuse!
  7. More like bottom prospect then. Thats fine, enjoy the wedding man. Also, welcome to my state, remember, laws stop at the border.
  8. I will not be raiding tonight as I have a family event to attend. Just to reiterate as well, raiding is optional this week. Next week we will be back in crushing everything that we can and pushing further into Mythic! Enjoy your turkey. Go Cowboys!
  9. Thank you for the weak aura link, very helpful.
  10. Once you open a raid night, like last nights full heroic clear you can select individual fights in the top. To view these percentages you would click on the Rankings button in the menu bar, same place you select the fight. This takes you to a chart which analyzes the DPS/Damage done/healing/ anything you want to see, It defaults to DPS. On the right hand column labeled "Rank%" you will find your percentage. This is the number we look at to determine where you fall, this number is found by looking at all other players of your class and spec and ranking them, then giving
  11. It's Halloween time and zombies are on everyone's mind, so what better time than to do a post-apocalyptic screenshot contest, brought to you by ATR Gamers gaming community, based on their favorite holy paladin's new young adult dystopian novel, Rise of the Chosen. Rules: Take a book related screenshot anywhere in World of Warcraft, Battlefield, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, or Overwatch, and provide a short description. Some things we'll be looking out for: Location Appearance Specific details Excerpt available free on Amazon in the Look Inside section for an ide
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