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  1. So I feel ignorant, apparently I formatted the usb and don’t remember doing it. I got to work this morning and figured out that the media creation tool wasn’t on the usb drive is why I was receiving the error. Reinstalling Windows now hopefully the issue will be fixed. Sent from my iPad using ATR Gamers
  2. It just pulls up a black screen that says “BOOTMGR is missing” Sent from my iPhone using ATR Gamers
  3. It’s only a few years old, the problem is I have a usb with Windows media creation tool on it and it tells me there is no boot manager. So I thought well maybe I took it off, but I took it to my work computer which is also Windows 10 and plugged it in which there it shows the usb to be correct Sent from my iPad using ATR Gamers
  4. I have the "preparing automatic repair" screen when my computer boots up, i have searched online to try and find a fix and everything that I have found doesn't work. I have created a media creation tool on a flash drive to be able to reset my pc however when I pull up the boot menu and click on the flash drive it tells me that the boot menu isn't there.. so any and all help would be amazing.
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