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  1. Hi everyone! With a heavy heart I'm here to say bye for a little while. Aside from the first month or so of Legion, wow has been a chore for me for a long while, I started Legion with high hopes, had 6 real life friends whom I love to keep me company, and new expansion jitters to keep me playing. Those friends, regardless of my trying to get them into ATR, went for something different or just stopped playing as much due to life stuffs. So I am going to head over to the guild a few of them are in together to see if I can get the spark back, though most likely scenario is me just raiding with them for a little while then taking a tier or so break. To keep everything short and sweet, I just haven't been having fun with wow for a while now and am going to try to seize that last bit of enjoyment back from the dead. Even though I haven't been around on TS or just chatting much in guild/during raid, I still love all you weirdos and will definitely keep in touch as I'm only moving over the main, but leaving the alts here. -Qwar/Q/boop/Gwen whichever
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