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  1. Continuum is an expert pack if you're not aware. I think we could disable SF3 for now and load ATM3 back and update it to the latest release. What say you @Mastric?
  2. mc1.atrcraft.com = FTB Revelations v1.1.0 mc2.atrcraft.com = Skyfactory 3 v3.0.15 mc3.atrcraft.com = Vanilla Creative
  3. It's actually Skyfactory 3 and Revelations...which no one is on, except me playing SF3 here and there when I have time
  4. Just messing around with the OreSpawn mod...may have taken it too far Think I now know what the lines in the config file mean
  5. Just glad @Infertil isn't in these...that's one ugly character he has
  6. A simple set of pictures would've sufficed for now...
  7. She upset that it doesn't have Agricraft or Decocraft.
  8. Yeah, Tree, Dr. Sharp and myself have played it for a few days now. The Lost Cities is interesting, kinda limited on some of the good mods, for example Ender I/O isn't part of the pack which kinda stinks. The new method of having to alternate types of food eaten in order to stay saturated is interesting (think that's part of 1.12 MC).
  9. Is there a list of items available for embroidery? Might help for people who may be interested...
  10. The_Real_1hit


    Purchase a Raffle Ticket for a Chance to Win a AOC G2460PG 24" 1ms (GTG) 144 Hz Gaming Monitor Drawing will be completed shortly after all tickets are sold via random.org generator. This drawing is open to the US & Canada, if you're not in the US or Canada contact us for eligibility for your country. This is also open to all, you do not have to be a member to win!!! $5.00 US per ticket. At the time of this only 37 tickets remain. Link To Raffle
  11. I'm assuming that's with solar? Sent from my iPhone using ATR Gamers mobile app
  12. Have you tried a new power supply? Mine was randomly rebooting and shutting off last year. Bought a new power supply and have not had a repeat since then. Hopefully you can find the problem soon.
  13. Green Lens for Yellorium and it's weird that Dimensional Shards have been removed from the miners. (I have like 6k Dimensional Shard Ore) Are you trying to make a big reactor? I'll tell you this, you'll be disappointed on how hard it's going to be to build, fill and maintain for what you can achieve with solar power now (and no LAG!) But @Mastric is the one you'll have to ask about config files.
  14. With the closure of our BF4 servers, this has led to a huge resource lost to bring in new members and a way to grow the ATR community. Part of the reason is that BF4 has lost its vigor due to its age. BF1 which we thought would’ve been the next chapter in our BF lineage failed to capture where the BF4 game and community left off. Because of this and the rise of PUBG, BF will not be the way we will be able to grow our community. What we need help with is some input from our current community members. What are some games you would like to see a bigger interest in from the community? What are the current games that you are playing? Mainly we want to see where the interest is and where we can focus on bringing in more members who enjoy the same games as what we like to play or future games that we could be looking forward to playing.
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