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  1. the q-code is 79, which is csm initialization, at least this time. other times this has happened the code has been 69 and what i guess to be 6d. this model of board also has four led lights for each step of post. some times it will flash cpu, then dram and restart. then it flashes cpu, dram, vga and restarts. the hardest part of getting the code it the board just keeps restarting. if it posts or not. last night while trying new things. it would post come up on bios, then restart 10-20 seconds later. i did update bios to the newest verison about two weeks ago, it did nothing.
  2. Over the last few months, my pc will shut off randomly. No bsod, no logs crash files nothing to say what's going on. Most of the time after a shut off the computer will fail to boot.multiple times. Not even post to bios. After a day or more and trying diffent things. I will get the computer to boot. Which will keep computer running for a week maybe two before same thing happens. Have ran memtest86 which passed. Have replaced the psu. Samething is still happening. happen to be looking at Temps one time when comp shut off. All were normal. Cpu 35c motherboard was around 28c graphics card around 60c. Have disconected all external devices. Tried to boot but still a no go. Not sure what to try next. Any suggestions would be helpful. Specs: I7-5930k (running sock) 32gb corsair ram (4x 8gb) Rog exteme v Evga gtx 980 Evga 750w psu (less than two weeks old) Before that 1000w evga psu I am running a h100-I Don't know if this matters but thought I would add them in 850 pro sSD Some cheap 1tb ssd
  3. no vip access for BF1. they still have not put it in the RSP program. also from what i read the VIP system they want to put in would only put you to the top of the queue. not kick someone in game to let you play.
  4. it doesnt matter to me if we scrap the whole thing or not. nothing in my base that needs saved. i would be up for some diff. games or mod packs.
  5. i think this is just mainly for oonic. but i still love it
  6. SteadyFlow MEMBER BF3BF4 November 15, 2016 6:36AM According to patch notes: "-Two new tabs have been added to the store: RSP and Battlepacks -You can rent a server via the RSP tab" But apparently RSP still not active - when will this be available ? Flag Quote · Vote Up StangV2_0 MEMBER BF3BF4 November 15, 2016 6:37AM Any idea on when we will know the locations of the servers? Flag Quote · Vote Up Braddock512 BF3MOHWBF4BFHBF1 November 15, 2016 6:46AM @SteadyFlow They'll be available to rent shortly. Just ensuring the game update is solid. Will announce when I get confirmation from DICE that RSP is live. It is scheduled for today. North American Community Manager - Braddock512 Flag Quote · 2Vote Up So we should be able to rent servers today. but still no info on the 150 questions asked 2 months ago.
  7. they have posted a little more info on the server rental for bf1. still doesn't say a lot but price and that they are trying to add the kick/ban. i have been following these forum post on the bf1 fourms and there are over 120 questions people have asked over two weeks ago, they have still not been answered. if you want to see the post click on happy's link at the top of page. it goes to any official info about server rentals.
  8. i understand that EA came out and said they would rent servers. but by there post it looks like you have to rent through EA. which means we cant pick our own GSP. in which case, i am only guessing but they made a deal with i3d.net to host all bf1 servers. those by EA and those rented by players when allowed. so was just trying to give more info on the servers we might get to rent. and the places that those servers are hosted.
  9. http://www.edge-gamers.com/article/battlefield-1-wont-rentable-servers/ may be just troll site but looks legit.
  10. looks like i3d.net is to host the battlefield 1 servers from EA/DICE. They have three locations in the us. washington D.C., Dallas,tx and Los Angeles, CA. they say they dont know when they will be able to rent to the general public. i3d.net is a company in the Netherlands and manages all traffic from there headquarters there. website is https://www.i3d.net/
  11. as varibash said, the balancer has been broke, we are tying to fix it. i am not sure if vip protects you from getting moved, just allows you to join on a full server with out waiting. i know that you have been playing on our servers for quite a while. so i want to thank you for your donations and playing on our servers. if you have any problems please post in the forums and we will look into it.
  12. due to a conversion that i had tonight with someone. i want to bring every ATR member and guest up to date. we DO NOT want to turn anyone away from playing with us. we are a very causal group of gamers. that get on and play when life allows. if that means that you can only get on once a week or month or every couple of months. we dont care. if your at the bottom of the scoreboard. so what. we accept everyone who is a decent person no matter what your skill level. (at least for battlefield, dont know much about wow, so cant speak for them, but i am sure that is much the same.) what i do mostly want to say. is that we do give good natured ribbing. i DONT want anyone to take that personally. if you feel that the jokes that are said in teamspeak are a problem please contact an admin in that channel and we will do everything, including ban people if needed, to make you feel comfortable enough to play on our servers or with or group. we are always looking for new and old players to join teamspeak and have a good time. we DONT want anybody to feel bullied or unwelcome. also if your an admin or just a player, please post if you have anything to add. thanks
  13. once you claim it. it is yours for that account.
  14. real that internet suck balls. i cant wait to you get home either as i would like to kill you in bf.
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