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  1. Most of you know by now that me and a few others have been working on a new BF4DB. Today is launch day and we are live! Still a few things to work out but feel free to check it out and report any hackers. http://bf4db.com
  2. @Vooeven though we might not be in the server, admins are available 24/7. The report feature send emails to the admins and I always jump on any time that a report comes through. You can always find an admin in our Teamspeak or forums. I am also working on getting BF4DB.com going again so this will help also. Thanks for your input and we are sad to see you go.
  3. If you haven't noticed, our BF4 servers have been empty for the past few weeks. I know most of us are more interested in other games and have grown tired of BF4. There are some that still enjoy BF4 and have tried to get others to help out. It was great when we had a resurgence of enthusiasm and got more people to play regularly, help seed/pop, and recruit new members. I would like to see that continue. We would like to hear your thoughts. I have included a poll, so if you see this please vote! Feel free to let us know if you have any other ideas. Here are my suggestions: We keep/change up our servers. Get more people to help pop regularly before playing other games. Get our Battlefield Nights back on track. Bring back member only events and meetings so we can have better communication and involvement with our members. I will be willing to head this, giggity, if no one else wants to continue. I get it, the online players aren't that of BF1, but there are still a few of the bigger clans that have all their servers full every night. Let's pull together and make BF4 great again! (oh gawd why did I say that?) I'm tagging all the Battlefield peeps, tag more if I missed anyone: @ADrunkRedneckk@asmith19323@blacklaw@CaliberKing@camley@CaptShank@Chuck_Mawhinn3y@DropShotz007@DynStatic@egandler@HappyUnholy@hondo55@JackalOsiris@Jakeatwar1@Janzstone@Kaym@kenwood720@LiveWireAddict@Mr. Lou@OONicc@phxman@Redneck@RoomBroom@scarybloodlust@The_Real_1hit@TheAvgFielder@TheRealKrobar@Xerodegreez
  4. It wasn't for the last thing you said in chat. It was for numerous kills and kicks by our auto-filter. While some are from a while ago, you do know the rules on our server and you continue to do so. We usually only give someone a few times before a perma ban is issued. You can view your history here: https://bfadmin.atrgamers.com/players/34680/A_Salty_Crackerr
  5. You have some temp bans and many kills from our auto-filter for intolerance/racism. I will lift the ban, but keep it up and it will be put back.
  6. Thanks for the report. I see that you used to !report feature in-game. This will alert admins of the report so we can take a look. Sometimes we might be away or busy, but I assure you we see them. While the videos are suspicious, I think we need to look into it more. I have looked at stats, battle reports, linked accounts. Their stats look fine and aren't linked to other players with PB/Fairfight bans. It looks like if they were hacking that they are new to it and only happened to use them for a round or two and then turned them off. I will keep and eye out on their stats and try to spectate when I can.
  7. We couldn't limit the current mod pack if we move it as it will probably break things. Since currently we have two physical/VM servers we could use the new one with another mod pack and the current one still has a couple of weeks left, so we could decide then what to do.
  8. Why not two servers? Not two physical servers but run two different mod packs on one. I would like to keep the current FTB server, but since we would have to move it anyway we could try Thermos or KCauldron. They optimize forge servers to run better wich would kill the occasional lag. Then we could setup another mod pack that is not as resource intensive. I would suggest Blightfall. I think with a few tweaks we could run both.
  9. I have made some changes to the Rush balancer to help things out. I usually play with Boss and the others when the other servers are full. They know not to stack a server that's trying to populate and will readily balance themselves to even it out if it is. It is frustrating when the server is full and you have some decent players working together. The reason they do so well is the teamwork, as they constantly use VOIP in their squad. I don't think we should penalize players that work together and play the objective, many times they are the only ones that are doing so. If they were constantly emptying the server then I would have a problem, but the server stays fulls, and usually they will balance themselves if it does die down. The best way to combat a team where they are working together is to find players on your team that will do the same. If I am on the other team, I will usually create a new squad and tell others that are willing to communicate and play the objective to join. Teamwork will balance things out! If you can't find anyone in-game, feel free to jump into Teamspeak with us and we'll join with you!
  10. Player has been banned. Thanks!
  11. I've corrected some settings to the balancers from the move. Should be all set. Give it a few days and see if that helps.
  12. Try going back to a different BIOS version if you can and try to reinstall again.
  13. Does your MB/CPU have built-in graphics? If so, remove GPUs and connect monitor to on-board connection. See if you can boot that way. Report back.
  14. It looks as if your LSAT kills are from trade kills. Everything else checks out. Ban removed!
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