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  1. i was looking at continuum just loaded it but hvnt started a single player to see what it is like.
  2. ill be in, dont have a base or anything yet, looking for a ggod spot.
  3. just downloaded it , there are several different worlds it can gen, bioms o plenty , lost cities, BoP with lost cities(this is what i did first), great wall? and realistic.
  4. connection info? 1.10 or most current minecraft version?
  5. i wasnt on im back to the 7pm to 3 am sched at work.
  6. i am game , have opend a motorcycle club for US we need someone with more money to get us a bunker and Offices.
  7. Anybody up for getting this going as a option for bf4/1? i need some $$$.
  8. My big issue and the reason I don't play much any more is a lot of the rude talk to others in the ts Chanel by a select few but it makes me not want to play Sent from my iPhone using ATR Gamers
  9. even tho i dont play much anymore i feel that we are not totally done ,reduce the number. does this mean i have to play wow now brown cow?
  10. with getting work ready before lan so there are no issues is going to take alot of my time.
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