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  1. I have to work tonight and won;t be back until 10:00
  2. I have a good option for this raid. Damage Mafia is a guild I run an alt in and they raid on Friday from 9:00 to midnight EST and Sunday from 9:00 till 11:00 EST. A great group of people that have a lot of fun and from time to time may or may not drink too much. They are 7/8 on normal and have alts from some of the top guilds on the server. This could be a great ATR Alt guild option and fit the times you are looking for. They already have a raid leader who is good and it is very drama free. They always want more raiders and are open to anyone who is cool or in my case just a darn nice guy. If you want in look for Waterbull or talk to me.
  3. Jello all I am sure I will be playing DK and will want to be one of the back up tanks.
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