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  1. I will be on vacation to Florida for a week with my niece and nephew. Not going to be able to raid while down there.
  2. I will likely not be able to raid. I am being sent to San Diego by work for two weeks. Laptop and hotel internet do not make for easy raiding!
  3. lol. im not paying to bring my computer and set it up in a hotel. Yes. Im flying. Basically Im going to be at a facility everyday from 8-5 (7 server)
  4. I will not be able to raid 7-19, 7-20, 7-26, 7-27. I am getting sent to Texas for work and my laptop is not able to do more then questing. So i am sorry to say i will not be able to raid these dates.
  5. I am going to be late. I have a 7pm appointment at the car dealership. I will be on once i get home.
  6. I will likely not be around. I am flying home from a business trip to Boston and my plane doesnt land until after raid start.
  7. I wont be at raid, its my birthday and i am going to the Tigers game after work.
  8. So...its been storming all day around here...i currently have no interwebz...i will be on when/if it comes back up!
  9. I am house/dog sitting for the week. I will likely not be able to raid. I wont have my desktop, and my laptop cant handle raids. I will prolly be online during the week, the laptop can pretty much only handle questing.
  10. I will be late. I have a church dedication mass for my mother at 7pm
  11. Ive leveled a few times on the beta. Im still figuring out which way i am going to level/ spec to play. Im very indecisive about it. Anywho, Im thinking that i will be leveling in Val'sharah. However, i wont be starting to play till the night of launch. I have to work on Tuesday, so Im hoping any issues will be fixed and the zone not crazy
  12. i will be holy healing. Playing disc on beta and it is the suck. i dont even think that it does decent dmg either. its super weak, the idea is great...but i dont see how any raid would have a disc now.
  13. i dont think you will have a problem with people locking themselves to raids if you dont raid on tuesday. If the raid times are wednesday and thursday, people understand thats when you raid. Tuesday would just be reset day, not a raid day. It honestly shouldnt have an effect. At this point, you have to pick the lesser of the two evils. for example...if 1 person cant make fridays, and 5 cant make mondays....you would pick friday to raid as you would be missing less people. my 2 cents
  14. Im game for Wednesday/Thursday raiding And Holy Hunters batman! Also...kansir healing? thought he was tanking......kansir steals my heals
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