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  1. RT @TEAMEVGA: Full Steam ahead! EVGA's 18th Anniversary is Live! Come and join the fun & adventure! https://t.co/kETRQ2eB7r #evga18 #team…

  2. Stopped by lumber liquidators for rubber chair wheels, they were on clearance $0.99 a set. Multitool blades are also on clearance

  3. Mounting a TV can be hard...

  4. Woo my Facebook pages have been updated to the new 'My First Website' by Fisherprice "...with bigger photos."

  5. Crazy Week Before the LAN, Post from Exile Site! Wooo!

  6. Crazy Week Before the LAN, Post from Exile Site! Wooo!

  7. Got a beta key for the TESO weekend, it worth the DL?

  8. Test 2/6/2014 8:46PM

  9. Test 2/6/2014 8:46PM

  10. Test 2/6/2014 8:10PM

  11. New tires on 300m = Snow Tank :D

  12. Koko loves blue cheese dressing...

  13. My computer chair of 8 years has become a recliner :\ How will I ever sit again!

  14. I'm experimenting with RFID cards for use in the badges for Exile LAN XIII. Concession & Tournament sign ups are the only ideas I can come up with.

  15. Test Update from my Profile Page http://www.exilecomputergaming.com/XIII/Attendee-List/_/mastricx-r1 :D Wonder if there is a text limit on this...

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