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ATR Purchased BF1 Servers!

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ATR Gamers has purchased 5 BF1 servers to start. We can adjust this as necessary. 4 of them are East Coast. One (the hardcore) is West Coast.


Right now, 2 Conquest, 1 Rush, 1 Domination and 1 Hardcore Conquest.


Looking for admin and member feedback. These are subject to change, I just ordered to get them up. Each server is limited to 6 maps. So far only Conquest is allowing 64 players. Rush & Domination are being limited to 24 and we do not have an option to change that.


On your server browser, search for ATR



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Not to say this "bug" is the reason we're looking in to refunds, but the only reason we got BF1 servers was so we could get our name out there. This ability has now been removed.


While we'll continue to look over the RSP as it evolves, since you must now manually search for 'ATR' at this time we can only see a purpose for servers in a Member Only concept.

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