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So this pretty cool chat (voice and text) service keeps coming up in conversation, and we're seeing other communities start to play with it. So we will be as well. If you want to help us test it out, or just prefer it more than TeamSpeak, by all means connect to it and give it a try.


We are NOT officially dropping TeamSpeak, and would prefer members continue to utilize TeamSpeak even during this test. If there is enough interest we'll consider making a full switch.


Join our server with the below link:



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Not sure why ram would matter with 32GB being the minimum amount I'd suggest building for 

Push button is really preferred, and I believe mandatory for our servers, because we don't like hearing people cough, sneeze, burp, etc in our ears. Also, so we don't have to hear @DropShotz007 talk a

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Advantages of this are:

Faster (less CPU/Memory usage, less lag in games)

Discord uses 3 times the ram of TeamSpeak

Better voice quality

TeamSpeak sounds way better, maybe its because we can host it ourselves and choose a good host. Or just the fact it sounds better!

More integration with games we play

Like? See what users are playing???

Don't even have to download software if you don't want to, can be launched on browser.

Browser is buggy as hell, no PTT and voice delay.

Bots and other interesting things.

Just bots.... really. TeamSpeak has that.


I've used Discord for a while (5 months) and it's not for communities, more for small groups of people and streamers (they've made that clear). They're too cocky saying it's both a replacement for TeamSpeak and Skype. And remember people can make there own servers for free.


I'm sticking with TeamSpeak.


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CRT monitors worked, should we still be using them?


No. The point of trying something out is to see if it suits us as a community better. Which we won't know until we try. Sticking our head in the sand while the rest of the world goes by is not acceptable. Players that come on more than twice a year have expressed an interest in Discord, so it does not hurt to check it out.


And again, so far discord is using less ram than my TS. Your dislike is duly noted.

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So BF people. What do you think? Preferences? I'd ask the wow people, but given the opportunity they'd go back to Ventrillo =D (that and they just haven't even bothered to join except when TS went down for some) As for me no strong preference. Just want to use what the community at large is using or moving to. I like the chat and additional interaction that occurs on Discord, even if not in the same channel. Some fun things with bots and music. At the same time know there is some loyalty to TS. And just a reminder this was only a test, so don't feel pressured to say yes to one or the other. So lets hear it.




















@Kane┌( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’




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For some reason the voice works best for me in ts. I love the text chat part of discord! I have been using both to tell you the truth. :)


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The problem with Voice is discord is that a lot of people haven't setup there Mic, where in TeamSpeak they either set it up long ago, or the auto wizard did it for them.

I noticed that when i used auto for voice sensitivity it would activate for my keyboard keypresses :\


I like the formatted and Unified chat that is in Discord, and it the chat was available as a Widget to replace the shoutbox & http://chat.atrgamers.com/ id be more for more it.


The UI to me feels bloated, but maybe I just need to upgrade to 4k to shrink the pixels. 

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@Mastrictry: https://betterdiscord.net/home/ It shrinks all of the UI elements and also allows custom CSS to further shrink things as you would like.

I prefer Discord because of the built in chat that doesn't require you to be in a voice channel. I also like that I can be online continuously through my phone and that I can login to Discord through their website and get much the same experience as the desktop application; voice is lacking on the web based version, but I don't think that it was designed to be used as your only access. 

I feel that we're likely to get more people showing up in Discord due to it's "go to this webpage" rather than "download and install this app" approach. 


There are some drawbacks like not having the ability to see who is joining / leaving the server that I'd like see get addressed with Discord, but other than that, I've not much to complain about with it.


For anyone wishing to not hear notifications for all chat channels

Click the three horizontal lines next to the server name in the top right of Discord -> Notification Settings, then change the "Server Notification Settings" to "@Mentions Only" which will disable all notifications that aren't specifically calling your name. Discord will let you know of unread messages by "lighting up" the channel name.

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Personally, I would prefer TeamSpeak or even Ventrillo as @HappyUnholy mentioned. Discord is too bulky and I feel like I need to run it fullscreen (or close to it) instead of TeamSpeak, which I have skinnier, but taller and off to the side of the screen. I have noticed many microphone problems in Discord, but as @RoomBroom2010 mentioned, that could be because people haven't configured things properly. I personally prefer to use voice activation (rather than Push to Talk) and pair that with a mute button for when I don't want to transmit. This is not easily done in Discord and it's hard to tell in game if you have muted your mic or not. Teamspeak has a very nice lady that tells me when this happens. I also like how TeamSpeak had a blue circle icon on the taskbar (by the clock) that becomes a light blue circle when speaking. There is also no "User entered your channel" that is native to discord; there is only the same beep noise for everything no matter if someone has left, joined, or posted in chat. I prefer TeamSpeak over Discord for all of these reasons and not the dreaded, "Nobody likes change!"

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To eliminate another complaint Discord now has a status log in the #status channel. It keeps track of users logging in and logging out.


To disable notifications for this channel (only hear it when you want) go to the three horizontal lines next to the server name in the top left corner. Then go to notification settings, scroll down to #status and click the bell next to the name.

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I can use either one, for those that don't want discard to load on startup, there is a check mark on the right lower screen that you can uncheck to not load on startups, and also right click the taskbar, select the startup tab and disable discard from the startup menu and you're good to go.

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Honestly don't have an issue with either one, neither give me any problems when playing.  I do like Discords chat feature better than TS, haven't really been on enough to really dive deeper into the features.  TS seems to be basic and that's fine too.  I had both running and TS would use up to 10% of the CPU when actions were performed and would idle around 2% when not in use.  Discord would idle around 0% and go up to 4% when in use.  So yes, Discord seems to use lower system resources for me.  One thing I have noticed, once I've installed Discord, my screensaver doesn't seem to work, so not sure if it has disabled it, or it's just coincidence.  


Question, what would if any, cost savings would this be for the group? 

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