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Battlefield Boot Camp!

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I figured with the holiday weekend and us getting several new players, now would be a great time to host a boot camp for anyone interested. You are welcome to attend as a new player wanting to learn the ropes, a Battlefield veteran that just wants some pointers from some of the skilled/tactical players, or just want to help other members do better in the game.


Some of the topics I would like to go over:

  • Soldier Classes - what they are for and how to play them
  • Weapon Types - which weapons to use for game mode and class
  • PTFO - Play The Fucking Objective
  • Weapon Use - how to manage aiming, recoil, and range
  • Gadget Use - how to use your gadgets
  • Vehicle Use - how to use vehicles
  • Load Outs - how to setup your soldier for the right situation 
  • Battlefield Tactics - how to improve your score, team, and kills
  • Teamwork -  how to help your team


 I will be hosting the event and am open for any day this weekend, just let me know what day/time works for everyone and who will be attending. We will be doing this while populating servers, so just know we will have to move around servers and you will use your new skills against players that join!

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